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personalised family monogram canvas initials logo snorkel blue rose quartz

Cross Family Monogram Canvas

Add any text you like!

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2017 Pantone Fashion Colours

White Pantone 2017 Niagara Pantone 2017 Primrose Yellow Pantone 2017 Lapis Blue Pantone 2017 Flame Pantone 2017 Island Paradise Pantone 2017 Pale Dogwood Pantone 2017 Greenery Pantone 2017 Pink Yarrow Pantone 2017 Kale Pantone 2017 Hazelnut Black Upload a background image

This item is only available in 3cm frames

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Create your own family logo with our personalised monogram canvas.

Add 4 initials or numbers.

Add 1-2 lines of personalised text - can be anything!

Choose any 2 colours to make your piece unique or to match your decor.

Choose a size. All of our monogram canvases are on 3cm thick frames.

Special request? No problem. Let us know if you would like an extra line or the centre of your circle a different colour.


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